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Hi, I'm Rachee

I am a user-centered, problem-solving, tea-drinking UX & UI designer living in Modiin, Israel. Creating simple and practical solutions to everyday issues is my passion. My ability to learn quickly and my love for new technologies have allowed me to gain experience in a wide variety of fields in the digital world.

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From time to time I channel my creativity into another medium - writing. Read about my thoughts on design and learn some history about the origins of UX design.

by Rachee Jacobs

From Taylorism to Toyota, Dreyfuss to Disney and Xerox’s PARC to the iPhone, user experience has been forming roots for over a century...

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by Rachee Jacobs

As an assignment for DesignLab’s UX Academy, I was told to write an iconography article. Personally, I really enjoy history and was inspired to write about the origins...

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